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The Pàdua winery was founded in 1949 as a wine warehouse, whose business was the home delivery of wines and beverages distilled by the Farró neighborhood and much of the upper area of ​​Barcelona.

Adapting to time

Through out its history it has been adapting to the times.
After dedicating himself exclusively to home service, it was opened to the public with a small counter where he made himsel fknown to the residents of Farró.
Later, a new business concept was started, with a bar counter serving a cafeteria bar.
Seeing the result of the booming bar service, corners of the premises were enabled to have more spaces for customers.
The next step was to open a kitchen and with it the concept of a restaurant, which is what we maintain today.
Cellar bar restaurant with delivery service.

Our kitchen

The cuisine of the Pàdua winery is a mediterranean cuisine, it is basedon a lunch menu from monday to Saturday, and a menu that we offer from tapas, salads, fried eggs, hamburgers, special sandwiches and typical dishes.

Club 600 de Cataluña

Club 600,
As part of the decoration there are many reasons for the beloved Seat 600.
As it could not be otherwise, thanks to its partners we are getting a Seat 600 to parts with in the premises.

The Pàdua winery is the social premises of the 600 Catalunya club!

Humorous Colla of Sant Medir

The humorous of Sant Measure is the colla del Farró, every March 3 the festival of Sant Measure is celebrated and the Humorous of Sant Measure has givenus the honor of being a local collaborator of the colla.


“If you talk to the animals, they will talk to you and you will get to know each other.
If you don’t talk to them, you won’t know them. And what you don’t know you will fear.
What one fears destroys.”

Thank you Ricky for always talking to everyone

In gratitude to the Pàdua Winery for its involvement in the project of Colla de Diables FARRÓFOC

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