Warehouse Pádua, since 1949

In Sant Gervasi’s district in Barcelona there is located the Warehouse Pàdua. Establishment that goes working and giving service to the neighborhood of the Farró during mas of 60 years. First as a former warehouse where they were selling and bulk wines were distributed to domicile and later as a bar restaurant. In him it is possible to estimate as the time, though it looks like a lie, does not run so fast as we believe and the former casks of wine that were working it does mas 60 years still they do his use.
In the interior there is a very agreeable terrace, in which the sensation does not give that you are in the city. This spirit and environment of former warehouse remains sealed with photographies and all kinds of objects of the 19th century and the XXth, many of them contributions of the neighbors and clients who collaborate in order that the Warehouse Pàdua is an intimate and curious place of visiting.